Being a provider of office space in Wrexham we know a thing or to about the worries and problems that may occur when your moving office. Have you got everything you need? Is the office space right for you? Is it the best place to grow your client base? All of these are valid questions and these tips will help you get through the struggle.


1. Location, location, location

If you are looking to reach out to more customers or just provide an easier access for your current ones, location is the key. It always helps to be situated where your company will thrive and where there is need for your services. If you are a large manufacturer and the majority of your work is being shipped out then the best place to be would be an industrial where you don’t have to worry about guiding a lorry down small roads and in between cars. If your a designer or a consultant you need a space that feels welcoming and not industrial. The centre of a town is always a good option for an office because you will find that you have everything within a short distance of where you are based. It also means that you are easily accessible to your clients. Without your clients reaching you, you will have no business. The Foundry is located in the heart of town, right on the doorstep of Wrexham’s shopping precinct, Eagles Meadow. Our office space offers you the flexibility that you need and it all gets included in one monthly cost, so there is no hidden charges at the end of every month.

2. Prepare for the move

Make sure you have everything you need for the big move and that all of your necessary equipment is safely packed in protective packaging. The last thing you want is to be arriving at a new office to find that all of your equipment is either damaged or broken. Make sure you have a trustworthy company to move your belongings and ensure that they have all of their insurances in place so that if the worst were to happen all of your belongings will be insured in transit.

3. Setting up and getting to know your surroundings

How your office is presented to possible clients can also reflect how you are as a service provider. If you are a graphic designer then having pieces of your best work hanging in frames is always a good touch and the right furniture can make all of the difference when it comes to first impressions. The Foundry is a building filled with office spaces and within each office space there is a company that can lend a hand with you needs. We create a business community and allow people to thrive in their environment.


Good luck with the move.

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