At The Foundry we look to provide a wide variety of spaces for any need a business may have. If you host lessons or need to boost your team with some training exercises then we can provide space for you. We have a full set of equipment such as white boards, flip boards, audio visual facilities and everything you could need to host refreshments for your group.


Not only is The Foundry a great source for office space in Wrexham but each unit can also be easily either used or transformed into training or meeting space. The Foundry was designed to be flexible to what the individual businesses may need. We can arrange catering if the training session is going to be across a whole day and you need the attendees need a little break from learning.


Come down to Wrexham and have a look at The Foundry’s office space and also all of the space that we available for training your ¬†staff. Let us become your new home as you grow.


The Foundry

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