Peter Stott works mainly in watercolours, finding that this particular medium suits what he is trying to achieve in his painting. He likes to work quickly initially to try and overcome any doubts. Once starting a piece he then decides on the relationships within that particular work.


Peter prefers to keep his work simple, however, working this way can result in things emerging beyond his immediate control to reveal themselves in a new light.


Key elements within the work are the relationships between positive and negative forms, which Peter deliberately repeats.Peter’s current work involves elements of the changing landscape and seascape. These changes, a momentarily flicker of sunlight or perhaps a brewing storm have an effect on the final outcome of the work.


Finishing a piece is almost as difficult a decision as starting. It is essential that the piece does not become overworked. To retain freshness is to retain a key element. Peter Stott lives and works in the Shropshire / Welsh Borders and has pictures hanging in private collections in France, Greece, Cyprus and the United Kingdom.


* Hanging Space – Islington
* Mayfair Gallery – London
* Sheridan Russell Gallery  – London
* Open Art Exhibition – Grosvenor Gallery, Chester
* Numerous local one-man exhibitions

* Hanging Space – Islington
* Art Fair – Battersea
* Stark Gallery – London

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