The latest exhibition to go on display at The Foundry comes from not one individual artist but from several, collectively known as The Red Shed.


The Red Shed are a collection of artists that have been combining their talents since 2004. Consisting almost entirely of graduates from NEWI’s North Wales School of Art and Design, the group was started as a way of benefiting each member’s individual careers by joining forces as one unified organisation. As well as making it easier to organise exhibitions as a group, the regular meetings and networking opportunities also help smooth the formidable transition from student to fully-fledged artist.


The collective are made up of an eclectic mix of disciplines, several of which will be on display at The Foundry. Mixed media paintings, Ceramics, Glass, Wood, Jewellery and Metalwork have all featured in The Red Shed’s exhibitions and the variety of work on show will expand The Foundry’s portfolio of featured artists beyond the mixture of photography and watercolour art previously exhibited.


The Red Shed exhibition will run from December 18th into the New Year.

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