Wrexham is full of creative individuals that often want to express themselves but often do not have space available to them to let their creativity flow. In The Foundry we like to help the creatives and artists in and around Wrexham.


We are part of a lot of current projects that are happening all around you as you read this. You may have spotted pieces of artwork being hung and placed in empty shop windows and other pop up art galleries around the town. A lot of these galleries are part of Creative International.


We also take a huge part of THIS. A creative website/magazine that is filled with contributed artwork and articles directly from the individuals of the creative sectors of Wrexham.


We not only help outside The Foundry but we also offer our empty space to artists who are looking to create a masterpiece but require some open space for a short amount of time to do so.


The walls of The Foundry are also home to pieces of art that have been created by some very talented individuals.


We could just show you pictures of the artwork but i think it`s time that you came to The Foundry and took a step inside into a creative hub.

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